Mungalla Awards

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Ingham, Townsville, North Queensland.

Come share a unique experience of the culture and history of Mungalla Station and its Aboriginal owners.

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Discover the Culture and History of Mungalla Station and the Nywaigi People.

Come & meet the Nywaigi Aboriginal people, the Aboriginal traditional owners of the lands around Ingham in North Queensland. 

Experience our rich culture and history.  Learn of the often brutal conflict between Nywaigi Aboriginal people and European settlers that shaped the destiny of North Queensland.

Explore the property established by James Cassady, who fled the potato famine of Ireland and created a pastoral dynasty.

Visit the birthplace of the world famous Droughtmaster cattle breed, the original homestead, the graves of James Cassady and his son.

Experience the Mungalla wetlands which has been restored from the depredation of introduced weeds and see the magnificent aquatic birdlife of North Queensland. 

Be amazed by the story of the Aboriginal people from Mungalla Station and surrounding areas that were exhibited as cannibals and savages in the nineteenth century circuses and sideshows of Europe and America. This powerful story is told through an award winning pictorial exhibition housed permanently in the historic homestead,  Try your hand at throwing a boomerang and making it come back!  Groups can also experience our underground cooking feast called a "Kup Murri" or our good old fashioned BIG country BBQ's.

This is an authentic Aboriginal experience that will stay with you long after you return home.

Come and experience not just a unique and interesting story… but a truly amazing story.

Tours operate for a minimum of ten guests, but smaller groups could be joined together.

Camping is available for self contained travellers at a cost of $10 per person per night.

(07) 4777 8718 or



Guestbook Quotes
Lovely tour & lovely people, would love to come back for events like the cookoff.