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About Mungalla

The Story of Mungalla Station and its Aboriginal Owners

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Nywaigi Aboriginal people have occupied our lands north of Townsville, Tropical North Queensland for over 45,000 years.  Unlike Aboriginal people in central Australia that had to travel large distances for food, we were fortunate to live in the ‘land of plenty’ where wildlife, fruits, berries and seafood were freely available.  We used the vines of the rainforest to create our bags and the tall trees provided the raw material for outrigger canoes that allowed us to fish in our rivers and on the nearby Great Barrier Reef.

We lived in harmony with the environment according to the Tjukurpa - a complex set of laws and beliefs (and for which there is no equivalent English word) that we followed strictly to maintain our society, ecology and culture.  Our culture – passed on orally, through dance and through our art – is closely connected to the natural history and beauty of the area.

Today,  the Mungalla Aboriginal Business Corporation and its parent body the Nywaigi Aboriginal Land Corporation which holds title to Mungalla Station have a  mandate to improve the economic and social position of our people.  We have chosen to achieve these aims by sharing the rich history and culture of Mungalla Station with you through our tours.

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Our Mission Statement

“Mungalla is a resource owned by the Nywaigi Traditional Owners for the purpose of fostering Aboriginal cultural values by building economic and cultural opportunities through the careful use of our country as a legacy for our children”

Nywaigi Traditional Owners 2004.



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